7 Gifts to Improve Health

By: Dr. Cindy K Dao, PT, DPT, CSCS


There is no better gift than to give the gift of health and wellness. This year give a gift that will not collect in a closet but will improve the quality of your loved one’s life. These 7 tools are some of my favorite physical therapy knick knacks that have helped me and many of my friends over the years. I love how you do not need to depend on someone else to help you. Instead with these tools, you can help yourself. I am constantly recommending these tools to my patients because it gives them the independence and control of their own treatment.


1. Foam Roll


Great tool to reduce muscle tension in your legs, decrease thoracic spine stiffness, and to improve your posture. This is definitely one of my go to's after a long day. 


2. Theracane 


Theracanes are amazing at reducing neck tension and getting rid of those hard to reach places along your lower back. Theracanes were my best friend when I was in graduate school. 


3. Therabands


Therabands are a great and portable workout tool. I can pack up my Therabands and take then anywhere. With these little guys, it is hard not to get in a good ab and leg workout. 


4. Massage Ball 


Massage balls, also known as a lacrosse ball, are great for long drive, vacations, and work. I like to keep my massage ball in my car and I place it along my low back when it starts aching. It works like magic! 


5. Stretch Strap 


Stretching straps making stretching fun and easy. I use my stretching strap to reduce muscle tension in my legs which helps get rid of the aches and pains I get from working all day. 


6. Kineso Tape 


Kinesio Tape (KT Tape) is my go to when I start getting knee pain and need a little extra stability. There are many ways Kinesio Tape can help. Check out the KT tape channel on YouTube to learn how to apply KT tape to help a multitude of injuries. Click Here. 


7. Voodoo Floss Band 


The Voodoo Floss belt is a necessity to everyone and should be in everyones work or gym bag! I love using the voodoo belt to reduce muscle tension all along my whole body. There are so many different ways you can use the Voodoo belt to reduce muscle tension or joint stiffness. Check out on Youtube the multitude of ways you can use a Voodoo band to improve your mobility.