Secret to Losing Weight

We can all agree that attempting to lose weight can be a difficult task, mentally and physically draining, and most of the time frustrating. Sometimes the hard work does not equivalent to results, leaving you feeling empty and like a failure. For those very reasons and experiences, it is important to prepare mentally rather than jump into the weight loss process. Are you ready to prepare?

1.    Write Down Your Motives for Losing Weight 

 It is important to write down the reasons why you want to lose weight in the first place. It is helpful consciously acknowledging your motives to lose weight. This will help motivate you through the journey especially when you need the reminder. 

Example#1 Motive: I want to lose weight to decrease my low back pain.
Example #2 Motive: I want to lose weight to decrease my knee pain and to  prevent future knee degeneration.

2.    Write Down Your Long Term Goals 

    Long term goals are important to make your motives into a qualitative goal so you can keep track of your progress! Make sure to make your goals specific, setting a time frame and measurable goal. 

        Example #1 Long Term Goal: I want to lose 24 pounds in 6 months. 
Tip: 6 months is a good time frame for a long term goal. Losing weight is a process and a life style change not a 1 month diet. The healthiest way to lose weight is not fast but slow a steady, increasing your chances of keeping the weight off. I recommend a goal of losing 1-2 pounds a week. Choose goals that will encourage a long term life style change. 

3.   Write Down Your Short Term Goals

    Short term goals are mini goals that help you reach your long term goals. They help make the weight loss process less daunting and more rewarding and attainable. 

Example #1 Short Term Goal: I want to lose 1 pound every week to help reach my goal of losing 24 pounds in 6 months. 

4.    Lastly, ask yourself these questions: 

  • Am I willing to make the lifestyle changes that are necessary to reach my goal?

  • Am I willing to change my diet?
  • Am I willing to make exercise a regular part of my life?

  • Am I willing to make my health a priority such as spending the extra money for healthier food or setting time aside to exercise? 

If you find yourself not willing to agree to the changes above, take the time to ask yourself why. What are the blockers in your life?

Reminder! Losing weight does not have to be an unenjoyable and torturous process! The more you allow yourself to remember the positive benefits and do your best to make the process enjoyable such as exercise with your spouse or cook with a friend, you will be more likely to stick it out. As you take the time this week to prepare mentally for this weight loss journey, do not forget to stop and smell the flowers. Life is beautiful and you are Free2Live. 

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