Losing Weight Can Save Your Future

    The most important part of losing weight is having the right motive. If you are here to learn how to lose weight with a main goal of getting a six pack, you are at the wrong blog. Many weight loss journeys lead to a road of disappointment when the main purpose is to look a certain way, possibly subconsciously trying to look like a Victoria Secret Model for the upcoming beach season, only happy and content once you feel like your body is “perfect”. There is nothing wrong with wanting to look great in a bikini, but if that is the main motivation to lose weight, you will have a difficult journey that will most likely result in becoming self absorbed and losing sight of who you are. 

    Life is a gift, one that many take for granted. Our bodies are the very vessels that house our dreams and desires, the machinery that allows us to make those dreams into more than a thought and into a reality. However, so many of us do not take care of our bodies and health, not seeing the consequences our actions will have on our future. That is the dangerous trap that so many of us fall into, sometimes we do not realize the toll the gradual and subtle neglect on our bodies will affect us. The damage is not instant like a paper cut or a bump on the knee, but gradual and silent, most of the time unexpected. Being a healthy weight is so much more than our body image, it is about living life for something bigger than yourself, taking the focus off the mirror and on to the world and the people around you. 

Why is it important to be a healthy weight? 

    There are many benefits to being a healthy weight. By being a healthy weight, you are reducing the chances of health risks such as developing chronic back pain, high blood pressure, heart disease, breathing problems, diabetes, joint degeneration and cancer. That is why maintaining a healthy weight is so important! You will decrease the risk of health diseases, have more energy, and be in a health state where you can take the focus off of yourself and instead live for something more. 

Are you ready for this?

    Losing weight the right way takes time and there is no such thing as a quick fix. The 30 day diets and 4 weeks boot camps do not give you permanent results. Permanent weight loss is a life style change that will take time and will require life changes. 

The next 5 weeks will be the Preparation Phase of the Free2Live Weight Loss Series. You will learn how to prepare mentally and physically for this journey. All in preparation for the start of the 13 weeks Action Phase of the Weight Loss Series on September 22nd, the first day of Fall! Join me in this series to a healthier you. Together we can do this! You are Free2Live!