The Heart of Free2Live

How many of us actually live lives where we live freely? Little do we know, the world we live in has us wrapped around it's finger. Society hardwires us to want to live to please society, always seeking the approval of others. Whether it be with our jobs or with our appearances, we let the pressures of life tell us how to live. Some of us let our jobs lead us down a road where our health is prioritized last, only realizing years later the toll it took on our health. Others let the body image standards of society tell us we need to look a certain way, only feeling satisfied with life on days we look "good". In the end you will find, you never really lived.

Life is so much more! We all have a purpose in this world, one that God has given each and everyone one of us. It is our responsibility to take control of our health so we can take the focus away from us and focus on living life for something greater!

Life is beautiful and You are Free2Live.